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You're not alone, Lindsay

posted 28 Mar 2012, 13:59 by Jocke Selin
I was reading Lindsay's blog "You ain't got Jack" and I got to her post about why she was doing what she was doing. You might be doing the thing that she was doing; paying a lot of money for fuel, tax, insurance,etc, for your car. For your car that might not actually be needed. And the bad thing is, as we all know if we actually have a look, is that cars aren't doing us any favours (except on very long journeys).
This particular passage resounded with me; Lindsay writes [after she couldn't renew her driver's license]:
That got me thinking, how would I survive without my driver’s license?  How would it change my life?  The first thing that came to mind was the money I'd save...our old gas guzzler drinks about $40 a week in gas and then the insurance costs add up too, plus maintenance...hmm.  Then I thought about alternative travel... public transportation would be a must and I'd definitely need a bicycle. But I have a toddler to tote about too, so I obviously need a mode of transport that could safely include him.  Then my mind focused on the health benefits of all this added exercise and then all of a sudden my point of view started to change...suddenly this crazy train of thought was starting to sound like a good idea, as a challenge of sorts.
Now that's not only brave, that's also very, very extraordinary in the whole.
As humans we are lazy. We don't do stuff that we can avoid doing. To take the step from a comfortabe (but expensive) car, to something that requires more effort takes quite a bit of smart-effort.
I say "smart-effort" because anyone can figure out that it's "smart" and anyone can figure out it's "effort", very few are mature enough to figure out that the effort is smart.
These sort of reasonings are the same reasons why I've started to build the Carrygo.
I see no point in driving to the store, and then parking as close as you can to your house, only to drive to the gym minutes later to try to burn some calories because you just drove to the store.
I believe we shouldn't be "lazy" and that we should make an effort. We should take the slightly difficult route. We should take the stairs. We should park at the far end of the car-park. In fact, I have an electric corkscrew, as if corks were that hard to extract that they needed an electric motor to assist me! We have petrol or electric lawn mowers, when we know that pushing one around would be cheaper than buying the aforementioned one, it would be better for our hearts and it would pollute less (both manufacturing, air-pollution and noise). There's a win-win-win-win-win-win situation if I ever saw one.
And above all...
... We should take a cargo bike to the shops and leave that dino-juice-drinking-box for the stuff it does best; long journeys to see family. It makes sense, and deep down, we all know it.
Best of luck, Lindsay! You can do it, and, above all, you'll enjoy it!